Friday, March 2, 2012

Contributing to Eclipse Java Development Tools project

In recent times, we've been getting several contributions in the Eclipse JDT project. Thats a great thing and we want to encourage that. However, several times small issues viz. patch not based on latest code, formatting issues, whitespace issues, failing tests etc. delay the process of review and release. It is painful for both the contributor, as well as the JDT committer.

In order to make sure all JDT contributions go through a standard series of steps before they make it to bugzilla, we've updated the contributing to JDT/UI and the JDT/Core FAQ page. Please spend a few minutes reading through the steps and go ahead to submit a patch on bugzilla. Looking forward to more community participation in both JDT projects.

Also, whenever you start working on a bug, please drop a small comment on the bug page to say you intend to submit a patch, to avoid duplication of effort. Thanks! :)

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